Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009 Bianchi Volpe

This is my commuting bike, a 2009 Bianchi Volpe in "metallic olive". I've changed pretty much everything about it.
I'm running it 1x9, using a Paul Thumbies mount for a bar end shifter converted into a bar top shifter. It works great, and looks hella better than the Shimano Tiagra that the bike came with. I've got DiaCompe brake levers now-way cooler. The bars are done with white cork tape tied off with household cotton twine and wine cork end plugs, all covered with 5 coats of amber shellac.
I replaced the stock triple crankset with a single speed crank that came stock on my Pista (which I replaced with a beautiful Campy Record Pista crankset).
The saddle is a Brooks Swift in brown, with copper rivets. The pedals are the MKS Sylvan road model with Soma double strap cages and Soma brown leather double straps.
The tires are Specialized Armadillos, 28cc, the most bomb proof tires I've ever ridden.
That's about it. Heavily modified, got just about perfect. I still want to replace the crankset with a compact double so I can put a chainguard on the outside to help keep the chain on. It has a nasty habit of popping off the chainring if the road gets rough and I'm pedaling. I've learned not to pedal over rough stuff, and it's been staying on really well, but I'd like to not have to sweat it. Also, a black crankset would look better, I think.
If you want any tips on the shellacking process or anything else, hit me up!


Luisol said...

wow, that's a sweet ride. I'm actually in the dilemma of getting the volpe or the brava... i think i'll go for the volpe... and those bars with the cork tape look awesome... if i do get the volpe i will ask you for the how-to of those sweet bars!

Take care!

aj said...

I really like my Volpe, but the Brava is a pretty sweet ride too. Pros to the Volpe are: 1) it will fit fatter tires, 2) easier to mount fenders, 3) steel fork is a little more durable for commuting. The Brava is lighter, better for club rides or centuries, but not as good for urban riding/commuting. I'm happy to share what I've learned about the shellacing process. It hasn't lasted as well as I had hoped. I don't know if that's due to the cork, or my application, or what.