Monday, January 19, 2009

Some New Bike Photos

This is the newest bike in the herd, a 2009 Bianchi Pista. I'll discuss it more later as I get it all fixed up.
These bars are Cinelli natural cork with amber shellac. Note the awful Tiagra shifters and how out of place and dumb they look. They will be gone soon. I'll also be adding cages as soon as they come in.


razmaspaz said...

This is pretty much the exact bike I've been thinking of building for commuting. Would those hoods work on the stock brake levers/shifters? I'm considering using brooks leather bar tape to match the saddle instead of the white and amber coating. Absolutely beautiful build though.

aj said...

The hoods that are on the bike now (the brown ones) came with the new levers I put on, some NOS DiaCompe aero levers. I know that you can acquire any color after market hood for most levers out there though.
That Brooks tape is gorgeous, but expensive. The bike is wonderful for commuting. Only real change lately has been the addition of an outside chainring guard and a "third eye" device to keep the chain on the single chainring. It fell off every few days without, and hasn't fallen off since the changes. I'll post pictures soon.